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What is L.A. Love & Leashes?

L.A. Love & Leashes is the first “shelter shop” that is 100% dedicated to animals at L.A.’s city animal shelters.

Who runs L.A. Love & Leashes?

L.A. Love & Leashes is a program of Friends of L.A. Animal Shelters, a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit.

L.A. Love & Leashes is also a team effort:  Staff at L.A.’s city animal shelters drive dogs and cats to and from the store every day and we’re located inside Healthy Spot in Santa Monica!

How can I get information on dogs and cats available for adoption at L.A. Love & Leashes?

The best way to see who is at the store is to look on our Facebook page.   If you are interested in a specific dog or cat or have questions about the adoption process, please visit us OR feel free to call the store during our business hours (below), at 310-441-1150.

Do I need to live in the City of Los Angeles to adopt from L.A. Love & Leashes?

No!  We love great homes wherever they may be :)

What are the adoption fees for dogs and cats?

The adoption fees at L.A. Love & Leashes are the same as those charged at the L.A. city shelters.  The maximum adoption fee is $122 for a dog and $76 for a cat.

What is included in the adoption fee?

Each adoption fee is a truly amazing value and includes:

  • Vaccinations
  • Spaying/neutering
  • Microchipping
  • The first year license fee for dogs
  • A free vet check by any member of the Southern CA Veterinary Medical Assoc.
  • Free training classes at the shelter
  • Free consultation with an experienced trainer/behaviorist

How is L.A. Love & Leashes different from other pet stores?

L.A. Love & Leashes is 100% dedicated to animals waiting for homes in L.A.’s city animal shelters.  Unlike traditional pet stores, L.A. Love & Leashes does not focus on breed or age.  While dogs and cats of many breeds are available in the city shelters, most  of the dogs that are brought to the store are mutts; they come in all ages, including seniors; and all are very beautiful.

The adoption fees we charge are identical to those charged at the shelter, and 100% of all adoption fees go to the city shelter.  Donations and merchandise sales support this welcoming, high-traffic adoption location.

Beyond adoptions, the staff at L.A. Love & Leashes works to educate the public about the incredible joy and many benefits of shelter adoption!

How can I help L.A. Love & Leashes?

• Donate: Donations are especially needed to support the store. Our adoption fees are identical to what you’d pay at the L.A. city shelters and 100% of those fees go to the shelter.

• Volunteer:  We are always in need of terrific volunteers, and it’s a very rewarding experience! Please click here for more info: http://www.laloveandleashes.com/volunteers

• Follow us: We’d love it if you’d follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and share our news and updates with your friends!

• Shop:  We have great L.A. Love & Leashes t-shirts for sale in-store!  These sales support adoption of amazing dogs and cats still living in LA city shelters – and help spread the word about city shelter adoption at L.A. Love & Leashes!

• Adopt: When you’re ready to add to your family, please adopt!  As you look to adopt, please consider L.A. Love & Leashes and the six city shelters in Los Angeles!

What is the goal of L.A. Love & Leashes?

L.A. Love & Leashes is helping to save lives by finding homes for as many as possible of the tens of thousands of dogs and cats who enter our city shelters each year.

We are reaching many people who would not otherwise visit a shelter and, through interactions with the wonderful dogs and cats who come to our store daily, we are dispelling the stereotypes some people have about dogs and cats in shelters.

Where do the dogs and cats come from who are available for adoption at L.A. Love & Leashes?

Dogs and cats are transported each day to and from the West L.A. city animal shelter.  The terrific staff at the West L.A. city shelter brings cats and dogs from the five other city animal shelters throughout L.A. to their West L.A. location, and from there to the store – so animals from all across Los Angeles benefit from L.A. Love & Leashes.

Where is L.A. Love & Leashes located and what are the store hours?

L.A. Love & Leashes
Inside Healthy Spot, Santa Monica
1110 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, Ca 90401
See a map

11am-6pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Closed Tuesdays + Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day and 4th of July)