L.A. Love & Leashes

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1364 lives
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Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering at L.A. Love & Leashes!   We really appreciate your willingness to spend time helping our city shelter dogs and cats find homes!

1. To volunteer in the store with the animals, please see the quick steps below to becoming a volunteer.

2. If you have skill and talents that you’d be willing to use to help animals from outside of the store (accountant, graphic designer, web designer, grant writer, editor, photographer – or anything else you can imagine being of help…or even if you’re not sure how your skills might help), please send us a message!


To become a volunteer in the store, here at the quick steps:

a.  Please print and complete this LA Animal Services volunteer application.    Please be careful to make sure that every question is answered (we work with city animals and the city will return the application if info is missing).

b.  Please get the completed application to us (not to the city directly) by either (i) dropping it by our store at the Westside Pavilion (address and hours) or (ii) scanning and emailing it to us at Volunteer@FriendsofLAAS.org.   From us, the application goes to the city for a usually quick approval (required since we work with city shelter dogs and cats).

c.  You’ll then receive info about upcoming trainings which are generally held twice a month at the West LA city shelter (11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064; map).  Please reply to confirm the training you can attend as soon as you’re able to as the sessions can fill up.

d.  After training, please call us (310-441-1150; hours) to arrange a time to come in to volunteer for your first time!  Please make sure to see a staff member when you arrive to fill out a few store-specific forms and get info about how the store operates.

e.  Help amazing animals find homes!

Please call if you have questions (310-441-1150; hours).