L.A. Love & Leashes

We have saved
1305 lives
and counting





Now that we’ve celebrated our 1000th (!) adoption, we’re turning quickly to saving the next 1000 dogs and cats. We find homes daily at L.A.’s only “shelter shop” for dogs and cats who are not yet rescued and are still spending their nights at our city shelters.

Please donate to help them find love and a forever home!  A $10/month donation provides sustained support to help shelter dogs and cats leave the shelter daily and come daily to a high-traffic, welcoming adoption location.

Simply click the “subscription” link below to donate $10/month (the cost of a cup of coffee once a week) or any amount that is comfortable for you.  One time donations in any amount are also greatly appreciated.

We know that  bringing the shelter to the mall works! 1000+ homeless dogs and cats have found love and a home at L.A. Love & Leashes.

We don’t keep any portion of the adoption fees we collect (they’re delivered directly to the L.A. city shelters) and we do not receive any government funding.  We do work to cover some of our costs by selling pet supplies, but our sales alone are not enough.   Donations are essential.

You can make a lifesaving difference.

Donations of any and all amounts are deeply appreciated!

Open to considering a major gift? Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d consider making a major gift: Heidi@FriendsofLAAS.org. We are happy to recognize generous support with signage, online and in press releases! Gifts in honor or memory of pets or people are very gratefully accepted.

Thank you!

PLEASE DONATE TODAY! Together we can help the dogs and cats at our city shelters find the love they deserve!




Or to donate by check:

Please make checks payable to Friends of LA Animal Shelters, noting “L.A. Love & Leashes” in the memo line, and mail to:

Friends of LA Animal Shelters
2044 Cotner Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law and are made through Friends of LA Animal Shelters, the volunteer-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit that created and operates L.A. Love & Leashes. Friends of LA Animal Shelters’ tax ID # is 27-4239665.