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Privacy Policy

When You Visit Our Website

When you visit our website we do not capture personally identifiable information. Our Internet Service Provider uses the information connected to your IP Address to provide us with aggregate data. This means that we know, for example, the percentage of our visitors who use Internet Explorer, but we do not have any individual information on you, your computer, or what you look at on our site.


We do not use persistent cookies on this site. We use session cookies. Session cookies expire when you close your browser. You can set your browser to refuse cookies. We only use session cookies to provide you with a better experience on our site; they do not capture personally identifiable information and they do not track your online movements.



When You Make a Donation

When you make a donation online, you are required by PayPal, a company that processes online payments and donations, to give certain information such as your name, credit card number, and mailing address. Any information you provide will be securely stored by PayPal. Unless you choose to give anonymously, PayPal will share everything except your credit card information with us so that we can send you a thank you letter. We will never share any information you provide to us unless you ask us to.



When You Call or Email Us

When you call or email us, you may voluntarily provide personally identifiable information to us, such as your name and phone number. This information may be shared among Board members, volunteers, and organizational employees via phone systems and email accounts. If you choose to share any personally identifiable information with us, we will never share it with anyone outside the organization unless you ask us to or unless it’s legally required.



A Warning about Third-Parties

Our privacy policy only applies to the website and processes of L.A. Love & Leashes and the nonprofit that operates us, Friends of LA Animal Shelters. If you click on a link on our site that takes you to a different organization or company’s website, you need to read its privacy policy.



Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact us.

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